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This page features photos of stones in my collection mentioned in The Book of Crystal Spells. Visit Facebook to see more photos and download printable grids.




Note the tiny, slightly raised triangles - these can be very hard to see. In addition,this point has a rough,scaly texture, making them even harder to detect. 













 This is the "red" amethyst referred to in the book. 




Here is the bottom of a "healed" point. 



And here's another type of Self-Healed point. The "fuzzy" band across the middle reveals where the crystal broke and grew back together. This is also a double-terminated point with another half-point attached. This was my first clear quartz point.




Create Prayer Beads like these! The project is described fully in the book, along with a spell to dedicate the beads and a chant for using them.




Here is an example of The Flower of Life Grid on pages 174-178. For this version, I mixed in some rose quartz. You can find the printable grid on my Facebook page.




  All photos copyright Ember Grant